Wednesday, January 29, 2014

And We're Back!

To summarize the last four months of my life – I’ve knocked off 1 item from the “3 Goals Before 30” list by completing my first half-century bike ride. It was a tough one but the TORGV (Tour of the Rio Grande Valley) was so much fun! The hubs and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary (one of these days I’ll post a recap). I quit my job (finally!). And my exercise has fallen to the wayside (boo!).

I am signed up for a super sprint Tri this spring and am looking forward to writing about my experience training for the race here. I'm really glad to be jumping back into this blog, I missed it and could really use the motivation.

Yesterday’s workout was a 45 minute interval session on the dreadmill. Afterward, I was waiting for the hubs to wrap up his workout so I opted for a little circuit training that looked like this:

10 Push Ups
10 Assisted Pull Ups
10 Squats
10 Tricep Push Ups
10 Wide Grip Assisted Pull Ups
10 Plié Squats
100 Ab Exercises (Bicycles, Planks, etc.)
Rest for 1 Minute

I completed this entire circuit 3 times. My arms are so tired today!

Today’s workout was an hour long spin session.
Happy Hump Day!

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