Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Goal Status & Pony Cake

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did. This weekend we had some of my family in town celebrating my little sister’s birthday, I even baked a cake (let’s not discuss the caketastrophy that happened before this 2nd attempt at cake)!


Here’s my status on last week’s goals:

1)      There was only one day where I didn’t meet my goal of drinking water, which is a pretty good start, I’d say.

2)      There was also only one workday where I did not take my vitamins.

3)      I haven’t found a salon. I can’t seem to find a Locks of Love salon in the Abq area, so I’ve decided to find a new (maybe not permanently but my preferred stylist is on maternity leave and I have no idea about her return) salon and we all know how much of a task that can be! I’m hoping to receive my issue of Albuquerque The Magazine: Best Of The City. This particular issue lists the best of EVERYTHING - from restaurants to salons to radio personalities and in my past experiences, it has been incredibly reliable and accurate. As soon as I find out who the best salons/stylists are for the year, I’m going to schedule an appointment. I’m so excited and wish that issue would show up in my mailbox already!

This week, I’m going to carry the same goals over.

You may also be wondering what the heck is going on with my running scene? Since my visit to get a 2nd opinion, I rested for a while and then started back at ¼ mile and have been working my way back at 10% gains all while running on my toes. I have not rushed my mileage increases because I don’t want to just be able to run again, I want to be able to run fast again. I’m just now at 1.2 miles and I’ve run it 2-3 times a week the past two weeks and it’s still not comfortable, I don’t feel that I have nearly enough control of my form and my pace feels weird. This week I’ll continue to run 1.2 and if at the end of the week, I feel that my form is excellent, pace is fast and I’m confident I will then move up to 1.3, if not, I’ll continue at 1.2. It’s a slow progression and I’m not very patient but this is healthy and best of all, I have ZERO ankle pain when I run on my toes.

Can we also discuss how amazing it is to finally have new Justin Timberlake music to add to our workout playlists…and life? 

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