Thursday, April 19, 2012

This is why I'm Not a Food Blogger

So I've not done a very good job taking pictures of my meals for the blog. I'm not really sure why I thought that would be a good idea, since there's a reason why this blog is NOT actually a food blog/food diary. I'm just not that good at remembering things like that. I've taken a couple pictures over the last two days...but most of my meals are very similar, so I think it would get boring after a while anyway...

Tuesday's breakfast was the same as Monday's...with the addition of the piece of pizza I didn't finish Monday night.

Tuesday night we went to the Red Sox game, and watched them get brutally slayed by the Texas Rangers. I love being in Fenway, and I love baseball no matter who is playing, but that game was ROUGH. It was like the home run run after another after another. Ouch. It was fun, none the less, and I had a hot dog, a pretzel, some peanuts, and two beers. Healthy, I know. I assume you all know what these things look like, so instead, here's Fenway.

Wednesday breakfast. English muffin with pb and banana and choc milk. Today look the same, minus the milk.

Lunch and snacks yesterday and today are identical too. Salad with hummus and corn. Pop chips. String cheese. A tiny piece of chocolate. Apple. Orange. Nuts. Very exciting.

So I've decided that, in an effort to not bore you, and because I cannot remember for the life of me, I will NOT actually be posting my eats over the next six weeks. FEAR NOT (because obviously you were concerned)! I am still tracking them, and I'll be keeping on top of that for sure. I got myself a handy dandy notebook (10 points to anyone who caught the TV reference there), and I've been jotting down what I eat and my workouts. I know tracking is key, so I'm sticking to this part for sure.

So anyway...that's all the news that's fit to print for now. Thrilling, I know. I have a 5 miler scheduled for tonight, and stuffed peppers are on the menu! I also have to pack to go to VT for the weekend...I love packing and traveling, but it eventually means I have to unpack, and I hate unpacking. A lot. So much that I might just leave everything in the bag until I pack for NY next weekend...

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