Monday, April 16, 2012

Just like Eminem, I Rock the 8 Mile

I'm not sure I'd say I rocked it, but I did it! I put off my long run this week until today (I was wayyyyy too hungover on Saturday to so it, and I tried on Sunday, but failed miserably).

So tonight, I set out, determined to do the 8 miles. The hubs started with me, to get me motivated and out the door. He stayed with me for just over a mile and half before heading home with a promise of meeting me later. I did alright for the first three miles, but not wonderful. My pace has really slowed down this week (more thoughts on this later) and I wasn't overly impressed, but I just kept going.

At mile 4, I almost stopped. Because I fell. Yup, I took a huge digger. Luckily, I had the brains to fall onto the grass next to the paved path instead of right onto the pavement, but it still hurt. Badly. And it was slightly embarrassing. I picked myself up and had to take a couple minutes to pull it together. I was hurting already and the idea of only being half done was so sad to me. But I wanted the bragging rights. So I kept moving. It's just a little scrape anyway.

my elbow is in much worse shape, but taking a picture of one's own elbow takes more skill than I have.
The next four miles were less awesome than the first. I just kept trucking along, knowing that at mile 7 Johnny would be meeting me and I'd be almost done. But then my leg (the one I fell on) started hurting a lot. And a blister definitely started forming on my right foot. And I was thirsty. So mile 6-8 were anything but pretty, but IT GOT DONE. My goal for now is not about time, it's about distance, and I went the damn 8 miles. And I'm SO glad it's over.

Thoughts on my Pace

My pace today was SLOW. Like way slower than I've been in a long time. And part of it is that I've not had the best week of running leading up to today, but I got to thinking about it while I was running (not sure I can call it that at the pace I had lol). I've basically stopped taking my vitamins. Why? I dunno. Laziness I guess? Being rushed in the morning? I have to take them post-breakfast or they'll totally mess up my stomach, and I've been skipping out. Most people might think a multi-vitamin is no bigggie, and skipping it probably isn't an issue, but I also take an iron supplement. I have low iron, and the supplement helps keep my levels up and normal. Without it, I prone to feel the symptoms of feeling tried and worn down...and quite possibly running slower than usual. It's not a solid theory, but I'm getting right back onto the vitamin wagon tomorrow morning...just in case it helps. 

Today's Eats

As I said yesterday, I'm going to post my meals during the week. I failed at taking a picture of my lunch (I'm still getting used to this idea, obviously) but it will be the same tomorrow, so even though I'll tell you all about it here, you can see a picture then.

Breakfast was Greek yogurt with peanut butter, a banana, and Trader Joe's high fiber cereal.

Lunch (the forgotten child) was a ham sandwich with light Swiss cheese on light bread, a side salad with balsamic vinegar, and 1/2 of a TJ's 100 Calorie Chocolate bar. Snacks at work were an orange, an apple, 1/2 a Luna bar, and 1/2 a sandwich thin with Dark Chocolate peanut butter pre-run.

Dinner, which was made for me while I was gallivanting around the city, was homemade veggie pizza and chocolate milk. Enjoyed while watching the Bruins' game.

It was a wonderful recovery dinner. And now I'm taking my sore, sore body into the shower to rise the stink off before I pass out.

Not being a very good runner is exhausting. I can't imagine what those people running the Boston Marathon in 90 degree weather today felt like. Some people are straight up crazy! :)

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