Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Triple Tangent Tuesday

I'm not great at remembering to do the triple tangents on Tuesdays, but since Hunger Runner Girl posted hers, it reminded me, and I figured I'd join in on the fun.

1. I generally do something stupid everyday. I like to refer to it as my "daily dumb" because it's a moment of the day where I do not know where my brain went. It's usually extremely amusing.

Yesterday, for example, I went to the pool at the gym, and I followed some people into the locker room. I wasn't paying much attention, but I hung up my coat, changed, and headed to the pool. When I was done with my swim, I went back to the locker room and couldn't get back in! It wasn't until then that I realized I had followed some ladies into the staff locker room and I didn't have the special pass code to get in. Oops!


Luckily, I had my bag with me (since I lost my padlock when we moved and I haven't gotten a new one yet), so I could change in the student locker room, but I then had to stand around outside the staff locker room for a while waiting for someone to come out so I could get in and get my jacket. Yeah, genius.

2. I'm a fairly adventerous eater. I'll try anything once, and I like most foods. The one thing I cannot stand, will not eat, sorry, but no? Eggplant.


I really really really cannot stomach it. Even things I don't really care for, I will eat at other people's houses, but not eggplant. Sorry, but I just can't.

3. I don't like dogs. This, however, is my Twitter profile picture.

The hubs says it makes me look like a dog person. But I am not. I have never owned a dog. That giant one there is my dad's. There are certain dogs here and there that I can stand, but in general, I am not a fan. Maybe I should find a new profile picture?

So those are my random fact for this week! I just wolfed down some soup (I was SO hungry after the gym tonight) and now my stomach hurts. I need to work on not eating so quickly when I'm so hungry...it never ends well.

Any one else got a good random fact? :)

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