Monday, December 5, 2011

Oops I Did It Again

I'm hooked on a new-ish breakfast! I was getting a little bored with the brand of greek yogurt we've been buying lately and took the opportunity to try a new brand that was on sale at the store last week, Athenos. Their honey flavor is ah-mazing (there is actual honey to scoop into the yogurt). Oh, I didn't stop there I even tried a new cereal, Fiber One Squares - together they have made breakfast delicious and more like dessert (always a plus in my book). Sometimes I just have to remember that it's good to change it up a little so that I don't get stuck in a food rut.

It is so cold in NM right now!! The whole state is under Winter Weather Advisory which may not be too big of a deal for those of you who live(d) in cold states but for the majority of our state, it means we are out of our comfort zone and not so certain what to do. The roads were nasty and icy this morning and afternoon so after a 2 hour delay I actually ended up staying home all day. Thankfully, I had Jay and Chaca to keep me company.

This past weekend we took some time to decorate our Christmas tree and house!

We didn't want Chaca to be left out of the holiday spirit so we bought her some holiday bling at this past week's Nob Hill Shop & Stroll (it was so windy and cold but totally worth it to support our local stores/restaurants/artists).

I did it again - I managed to get another blister on my foot. I did quite a bit of walking around on Sunday and before I knew it I had that sharp pain near my Achilles' tendon. I was supposed to go on an easy jog today but figured I might as well avoid the terrible weather and let my blister heal. This is actually the second blister I've had since the one I wrote about in November. The second one was completely my fault- I thought it'd be a great idea to wear that same pair of shoes I wore in the Dallas airport during a 5k walk I did with this pretty lady, "N".

I seriously love her neon workout clothes! The walk was for St. Jude's and it took place inside the mall, exercise+ a great cause = sign me up anytime!

I ran a new distance this past Friday, 4.8! It was not fun and because it was dark and snowing the run took place on a treadmill. But it is completed and I'm so ready to move on to 5.2 this week.

It's time to watch a little Ridiculousness and eat some dinner, have a good week!

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