Thursday, November 3, 2011

Whoa - It's Already November

Clearly my goal for November will be to post 2-3 times a week!! I'm sorry I haven't written in such a long while.

Here's what's been going on:

1) I did go visit the BFF and it was amazing! Seriously if we could do some rearranging of the states and put MA much closer to NM I would be one happy camper!! I felt so special all weekend and this really made me feel like my wedding is SO soon!!!!!

2) Jay and I celebrated our dating anniversary. We didn't actually do anything the day of our anniversary but that Thursday we enjoyed some Melting Pot. 3) Jay, Chaca and I went to Texas! We attended a tailgate with my family where the main entree was this delicious morsel of meat...Totally kidding. But my dad did hide that in the ice chest and asked me to go grab something from it. Here's the story on this family rat: When I was in high school my dad would hide this rat in the garage (and other parts of the house and my car) and while I was so sleepy and trying to get ready for school he'd ask me to go get something from the garage and then I'd find that thing and would always get scared because I was half-asleep but it always cracked me up. He's seriously such a funny guy!!

I made popcorn balls for the tailgate and was a bit nervous because I thought this would require some skill. Nope, it sure didn't. I melted sugar, marshmallows and some butter and drizzled it over fresh unsalted popcorn and viola! They were delish.

4) It was Halloween - my favorite holiday! Jay and I carved pumpkins, ate candy (the year we buy a lot of candy is the year we get very few trick-or-treaters) and of course dressed up!

Why yes, that is a poodle in a poodle skirt!! My sister bought this for her last year and I just knew I had to dress up with her! Jay even dressed up 50s style too!! Chaca typically hates wearing clothes but as soon as I brought this dress out she wouldn't stop jumping at me until I put her in it. She wouldn't lie down all night, she sat very nicely and was on excellent behavior when all of the trick-or-treaters came out - such a lady!

5) I haven't exercised in a while. While I was in the Dallas airport I noticed my shoe rubbing against my foot. I had checked my bag in so I didn't have another pair of shoes to change into so by the time I made it back to NM, I had a huge blister (gross I know, I'm sorry). For whatever reason I decided that it wouldn't be that bad to go run on Tuesday even though I could hardly put my foot in any shoe. I ran 3 quick miles and when I made it home that blister had become much, much worse. Oops. It was a great run. I knew that this wouldn't heal unless I gave it time. So I did and now that it's nice and healed I have been having long, intense days at work and haven't made time to go do anything. I need to make changes.

6) I have a fantastic visitor coming in tomorrow! My little sister!! I'm so excited and I know we'll have a great weekend visiting. I can't wait to update you on her visit!!

Have a great weekend!

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