Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Look Who Came to Visit!

This past weekend I had a special visitor here in all know her. She's the other half of this blog and my own personal BFF!! :)

This picture is most definitely NOT from this's from our sophomore year in college, I think? But it's hilarious, so why not share it! :)

Mari arrive Thursday night, and just hours before that, I won free Bruins tickets! Some times our vendors offer tickets to our company, and we can enter ourselves into the drawings. I always enter, but this was the first time I've won! And such good timing. Even though I'm not a HUGE hockey fan, I do love all Boston sports. We had awesome seats and had a blast taking in the whole experience.

Having the BFF in town is pretty much the best thing ever. We are so ridiculously goofy together and laugh non-stop. There's nothing better than feeling 100% comfortable around someone and knowing they're not judging you...because they've done/think something equally as silly.

The main reason for Mari coming to visit (other than we cannot live without each other for very long) was wedding dress shopping! Her big event is less than a year away now (yay!) so it was time to put the petal to the metal and see what was out there. We had a little help from (one of) my other bride-to-be friends!

We've already talked about how awesome a photographer I am, so no need to comment on my skills
The dress shopping was amazing. I won't tell you the outcome because it's Mari's story to tell, but we had so much fun. We did other wedding related things this weekend, like talk about the little details and watch Bridezillas (it's important to know how NOT to act). In the end, Mari's visit was way too short, as always, but it was still wonderful!

This week has been insanely busy (what's new?) so I don't have much else to report. But I can say that the hubs made the MOST AMAZING stuffed peppers last night and I'm seriously looking forward to the left-overs for lunch today (maybe I can have him give me the recipe to post here)! I'm so glad he loves cooking because after being at work until 6pm and then driving an hour home, it's the LAST thing I want to do. I'd eat eggs and salad with tuna every night if I didn't live with Johnny. :)

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