Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A New Month!

This post is so so long overdue. I actually started it a couple times already, but I've been so busy that I never got finished and never made it up.

First, I was going to post about how it snowed on Halloween and how I dressed up like Johnny.

Then I was going to post about how I got coupons in the mail for Target, and how I used the coupon to buy a large bag of apple, which I baked in the Crock Pot and how I used them for breakfast and dessert the next day.

AND THEN, I was going to post about how I went to Pittsburgh this weekend with my sister and my gma. And how was toured the city and my gma showed us all the places she used to live and told us wonderful stories about her life (which was not easy at all, by the way). We took her for her birthday present. We wanted to have a trip with my gma while she's healthy and able (and 81).

I was going to post about how my uncles joined us (as a surprise to my gma) and how we went to church on Sunday at St. Andrew's...the same church where my gma was married to my father's father 59 years ago). And I was going to post about how we went to Fallingwater, the Frank Lloyd Wright house outside of the city.

But instead, I'll post about my gym efforts this week.

I signed up to take part in Pile on the Miles. It's headed up by Monica, over at Run Eat Repeat. The goal is to pile on the miles during the holiday season instead of the pounds. Since I've been doing a little bit of the pound piling myself, I figured this was a great way to stay on track. The first week was only three days, and probably the three busiest days of my life, so I didn't get my five miles in, but THIS WEEK. This week, I'm golden. It's only Tuesday (the week starts Friday at 8am), and I've already finished my required five miles!

I went to the gym in Pittsburgh with my sister (after attempting a run, but failing to find a good route and getting too cold), and last night I WENT FOR A RUN. This is a big deal because a) it's been a while. Like way too long. And 2) I did it after work and in the dark! I'm really not good at getting back out the door once I get home, but when the weather was still 60 degrees, I knew I had to take advantage! It actually wasn't terrible either.

Which leads me to my five miles goal...I'm definitely not any closer right now, so the goal is Thanksgiving. I thought I'd be able to do it before that, but I've got to be realistic. SO folks, you heard it here first. On Thanksgiving 2011, I will run 5 miles. (yikes!)


  1. You can do it!!!!!!

    And I just bought a bag of apples at Target too and it had a tag that said "Packaged for Trader Joes"!

  2. I wish you were here to do it with me!!!