Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Working Woman

I'm back in the working world. I was a little sad to leave the pup at home the first day but I did it and I'm really excited about my new career opportunity. I like the company, the people and so far, the work - and to me, that's a pretty good mix!

In other exciting news, we are officially less than a year away from my wedding!! I'm excitedly nervous (you know the happy butterflies in your stomach kind) and just can't wait to have our family and closest friends together as we get married!!!

Last night I worked my back and biceps and they are feeling it today! I was supposed to go run today but 1) my ankle is still sore from Saturday's run so I'm not certain if this is just normal rebuilding or if I should be alarmed 2) I'm being lazy (honesty is the best policy...). I'm trying run one day, lift the next but I'm wondering if maybe I'm neglecting some beneficial cross training (spin, swim, yoga) and how I can work those into the hectic week too. Any ideas?

I'm looking forward to tonight's dinner- we're going to bake chicken in some bbq sauce and then on the grill for a few minutes. Yum!

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