Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Goals


I can't believe that it is already September! I think I spent so much time training, I kind of let the summer just go by. My goals this month are to (again) post an entry at least twice a week and to begin training for a half-marathon. I'm going to take this rebuilding of distance training very slowly. I haven't picked out a race yet and won't until I'm more comfortable running anything past 3 miles (something I haven't done since the ankle injury).

In the spirit of getting excited to start training for a race, I worked up a new treadmill workout. Here it is, enjoy!

Minutes 0-5 Warm Up
Minutes 5-10 Jog
Minute 10-11 Increase Speed by Any Increment & Hold for this Minute
Minute 11-12 Increase Incline by Any Increment & Hold for this Minute
Minute 12-13 Increase Speed Again/Hold
Minute 13-14 Increase Incline Again/Hold
Minute 14-15 Increase Speed Again/Hold
Minutes 15-20 Jog
Minutes 20-30 45second Sprints with 15 Second Recovery in Between Each Sprint
Minutes 30-35 Jog
Minutes 35-40 Repeat Minutes 10-15
Minutes 40-45 Cool Down

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