Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Off To A Good Start

Don't let that cute face fool ya! Almost every morning for the past two weeks at 3 a.m. our dog has decided that it is time to wake up. She sits in her kennel (yes, she is turning 3 this month and we're still working on potty-training, don't judge) and makes this tiny, high-pitched whimper. We take her outside to potty and she doesn't do anything but once she comes inside she wants to eat/play/lay on our bed. After waking up to her whining it is so hard to fall back asleep and to get her to stop whining. Needless to say this household has been very sleepy and slightly grouchy lately.

Jay has had his vehicle in the shop the past week and with my lack of a real schedule I'm able to drive him to and from work. Aside from the early wake up call, I really enjoy our extra time together that is spent sipping on coffee, listening to sports radio and chatting about the small things. When I return home I have a hard time tackling my to-do list and want to nap. Having been woken up at 3 am this morning by the pup and then waking up at 6:20 am, I was so tired and wanted to climb back into bed but instead I decided to change into workout clothes and hit the gym for a yoga class. I am so glad I did!! The class was taught by a different instructor and she didn't actually do most of the poses but instead walked around the class and called out the different poses. I was surprised at how many of the poses I could recall from the beginning yoga classes I took early this year. And the best part? My trigger points didn't hurt and I was able to do everything! After class I hit the weights to work on shoulders and triceps. I'm wide awake now and working on that to-do list, I think I have more energy after that workout than I do after a nap.

I came home from the gym and was hungry for a hard boiled egg and then I realized a small problem with that plan- we still do not have our range hooked up. I instead opted for a bowl of cereal and then realized I haven't gone to the grocery store yet so I had to work with what we have- Honey Nut Cheerios (seriously one of my all time favorite cereals) and Fage Blueberry Acai Greek Yogurt. Side note: Costco sold packs of Chobani Strawberry/Blueberry/Peach and I was disappointed to find out they don't and had to venture out and try the new brand they sell - Fage.
This flavor was actually delicious, maybe I shouldn't stick to the basic flavors all of the time! My b-fast was complimented by the most delicious cup of Green Mountain Hazelnut served in my awesome travel mug (I'm sure you can guess who gave me this lobstah mug!).Now I'm off to buy groceries and hopefully meet up with a friend for a nice walk (active day, huh?). Have a great Tuesday!!

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