Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Kitchen Tile is Almost Done

What a week! I've been busy getting cementitous manicures, isn't it fabulous?Just kidding, but we have made some serious progress on the kitchen remodel and we should have our full kitchen back to normal by Tuesday. While Jay and I were grabbing tiles to set a certain someone decided to leave her pawprint in the wet thin-set; I won't mention any names but you can see her mark here.
My workouts this week included a circuit, weight training, sprints and a nice run outside; I'm loving this fall weather! Placing tile has also been one heck of a workout- having to squat for periods at a time, use my core to keep me from falling over on tiles that are setting and using my upper body strength to move and set tiles. It has been exhausting! I'm looking forward to increasing my running distance by 10% this week.

We took a break from the kitchen remodel to visit the NM State Fair. My favorite thing to see at the fair is the gigantic pumpkin that they have behind glass. This year's pumpkin (the one in the back row in the photo) weighed in over 95 pounds!!
While enjoying the fair fun I munched on a green chile batter corn dog. To be honest, I didn't like green chile very much (okay at all) when I first moved to NM but it has snuck its way into my favorite foods and I don't seem to mind it anymore. Yum!
Next month we are finally taking our engagement photos and I've decided to start looking for an outfit now. I went to Anthropologie and surprisingly couldn't find anything I loved. My favorite out of the millions of dresses I tried on was this mustard yellow number shown here:I loved the fit but I'm not quite sure I love that shade of yellow on my olive/tan skin, thoughts?

And I'll leave you with a photo I took while I was running around all of town doing errands last week, seriously this can't be safe!

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