Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's a's a Plane...

It's a GYM!

Seems like forever since I've been in one! Probably because it has been...oops. Oh well! Here I am, back at it! And, it's a new gym!

Remember, back when I was thinking about changing gyms? Well I've finally done just took three months. About a month ago I canceled my membership at my gym in the city, Boston Sports Club. Honestly, I LOVED loved loved BSC since the day I started there in January 2009. There were great classes, nice facilities, but nothing super fancy and over the top. It was a perfect place for me, until I got my new job. Then there wasn't a location I could easily get to on my way home, and the only class I could ever get to was one spin class on Monday nights. It didn't seem like it was a good idea to be spending the money each month on something I wasn't using. And then we moved and there's not even a location close to our new apartment, so that was it. I, VERY SADLY, called and canceled. I will miss it a lot.

But the good news is, I'm signed up again at a new gym! Since the hubs is an awesome grad student, he gets me a sick deal at his university gym. Yes, it's full of undergrads, BUT it's very nice and has a rock climbing wall! Not that I climb...but I could!

Today I went in with the hubs, handed over a copy of our marriage license (had to prove I'm legit, you know) and got my sweat on. It's my first work out since the tri and I wasn't sure how it would feel. I did about 25 minutes on the treadmill, varying the speed between walking, running, and sprints. My hips are still fairly sore (my gma has arthritis in her hips, so I blame it on her already), but it was a nice welcome back into the wold of being a gym rat, and I was bright red at the end...always a good sign.

the sweaty self-shots never capture the true bright red-ness of my face
The new gym is a 10 minute-ish walk from our apartment, which is really not too bad. It took me a little longer than that this evening because I got lost. Lost? Really? YES. We now live in a more residential area with house and tree lined streets...that all look the same...especially when it's night time...and you can't see a street sign. Don't judge, I've only lived here a week.

So my plan is to get to the gym at least four days a week, and do at least one other non-gym workout (run, bike, etc). I'm not sure how this will go, as work is C-R-A-Z-Y right now and I've been staying until 6 several nights, but I'm going to do my best! I know it's a needed thing in my life and I'll feel MUCH better if I just GO. It's worth making the time in my life, so here's to hoping the new change in scenery does me good!

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