Friday, May 13, 2011

Present and Accounted For

I know you’re probably wondering if I fell off the face of the earth or something, since I haven’t showed up here since Sunday, but not to worry. I’m alive and well. It’s been a week of ups and downs, and I’ve had a hard time processing it all. I think I’ve sorted myself out though, and I’m feeling much better.

The first up of the week was most definitely the race. Starting out Sunday with a PR like that was awesome. On Monday, it was kind of down. I missed one of my favorite spin classes to go check out the open house at BU’s gym. I was expecting to be wowed by it, and want to stay there and work out and never leave. That was NOT the case. It was a gym. It was set up weird and there was cardio equipment in some hallways. It was overrun with students (to be expected) and the locker rooms were tiinnyyyy. All I kept thinking was that those rooms must make for some SERIOUSLY awkward naked moments. The one awesome thing about the gym was their pool. And at $19 a month it seems like a steal, but I would also have to pay for classes putting it close to what I already spend now on a gym a like better. Bust.

Tuesday was also a downer because I had the worst run ever. I managed to get my booty out of bed at 4:55am to go for a run, but it was horrible. I know it’s good that I was up and moving and even just walking it great, but it was sucky. I ran the first mile hard and then just fizzled. I guess I was too sleepy and with tired legs from Sunday I was not happening.

Wednesday was up because I found an awesome dress for my brother’s graduation/the baby shower I have to go to next weekend. It was on sale at Old Navy, and the size I got is much smaller than all my dresses last summer. It’s a little tight in the brestal area, but it had to be that was for the rest of it to look as awesome as it does. Definitely a confidence boosting kind of shopping experience. That does not always happen, so I was riding pretty high in my seat after that.

Today was the ultimate up and down. First, it was down. I’m listening to a book on CDs from the library and I thought I was on the last disc of the book. I was so interested to see how it ended, but it was not the end! Turns out, I was ripped off and only got 6 of the 10 CDs. The not so nice man at the library told me there was nothing he could do and I’d need to return it. GEE THANKS. Not like I want to hear the end of the story or anything. Then it was up because I had an ok day at work and I made it to the awesome 60 minute spin class and sweat my behind off.

And I came up with the most delicious dinner. Veggie burger with salsa, topped with a fried egg and shredded cheese of the Mexican blend variety. SO delicious. I was quite please with my dinner makings.

But as I sat down to eat I heard a crash outside. I live on a busy street, so accidents are not completely out of the ordinary, so I looked to see what had happened. Turns out, a person on a bike had been hit! I’m too far up to see if he had on a helmet, but the police, ambulance and fire truck all came. It was quite the scene and I hope everyone is alright. Even more reason why helmets and bike safety are important!

And then I cut my finger. Yeah. It HURTS. I was washing dishes and I reached into the deep water to unclog the green bean filled drain and took a knife right into the tip of my finger. I wasn’t sure how bad it was at first, so I wasn’t sure how to react. The hubs is out with the boys tonight, so all alone in my apartment I repeated some profanities for a while. Eventually it stopped bleeding, and I’m pretty sure it’s not a stitches kind of cut, but it’s right on the tip of my finger, so typing is pretty painful. I put band-aids on, but they wouldn’t stay well, so I added some masking tape to the mix. Hopefully I haven’t lost too much blood by morning.

This has turning into quite the long post. I’m sorry about that! I’ll make sure to check in more often. Although that should be an up to end the week, it’s looking pretty down. My brother won’t actually be graduating on Saturday due to his final grades and my parents are none to pleased. I’m not sure how it will all work out, but no matter what I’ll be blogging from VT next! 

(I wrote this post last night but Blogger crashed apparently. annoying)

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