Sunday, August 14, 2011

Work it Girl

This weekend I've been enjoying some time with my family in Maine. After three weeks with the in-laws, I was a little nervous about three more days with my family, but in Maine life is perfectly relaxed and we've been enjoying it all.

Yesterday I spent most of the day laying on the beach reading and getting some sun. It was the kind of sunny, kind of cloudy type day, but I still managed to get a sunburn (I always burn...I apply lots of sunscreen, but I will inevitably miss a spot and burn's unavoidable).

After several hours of simply laying around (it's Maine so it's a little toooo cold for swimming), I decided to get my butt in gear. I didn't really feel like running, so I hoped on this gem of a bike and took off instead.

I was told it needed air in the tires, but I didn't listen. So I rode about 7 miles with low tires. On my way back home I ran into my uncle who was out on a ride as well, so I turned around and joined him. He promptly took me to the gas station and we filled up my tires. The next 3.5 miles were SO much easier. Funny how properly filled tired make such a difference...I ended my ride at 10.5 miles, but I was still itching to go. So I took off running. My legs felt weird for a while, so I kept going until they felt better, and at that point I was on a three mile loop and didn't want to turn around. I took a handful of walk breaks going up some hills (because Maine is seriously hilly), but I did it! I was so proud. Now I'm a little less nervous about my tri that is LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY (yeah I'm freaking out a little). A couple more bricks like this one, and I'll be good to go! I came home a hot sweaty (really proud and happy) mess.

Annnd I spent the rest of the night in terrible pain. My stomach was in complete knots. I think I was dehydrated from being in the sun all day and working out for about an hour and a half. It wasn't fun. I missed out on a dinner of chicken parm made my dad's wife. I couldn't do dinner, but I did manage to stomach half a piece of birthday cake. I can't pass chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting to celebrate my husband, my dad, my gramma and my brother's birthdays. That would just be rude ;)

Today the sun is not out, and my legs are tired, so I'm not sure what's on the agenda, but there will be more celebrations for my gma...she's 81 today!

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