Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another Week on the Books

I had this post all ready to go yesterday, but things got CRAZY at work, and it never went up. Now Mari and I have both posted in the same day...when it rains it pours I guess!

This week was a great one. It's been a week since I posted, but I was busy busy! My in-laws are all in town and it's taken over my life (in the best way possible). We spent time in VT and have had some fantastic dinners, but I still managed to get in two runs and two spin classes! Although I've had to take the last two days off because of family time, I still feel as though I've gotten a little bit of my workout mojo back!

Last Friday I drove to VT by myself. The in-laws drove from Boston, but since I work in the boonies, I had to make my way up myself after work. I don't mind driving, but driving 5 hours alone didn't sound like too much fun. I stopped at the store to get a Diet Coke and a snack. I was temped by the snack mixes and candy, but I was good and got a bag of cherries instead! Go me! :) They were delicious!

It was a healthy start to a great weekend. We had a family cookout, the hubs turned 26 (!!! old man. Just kidding...I'm older than him lol), we spent time on the lake, and we got to hang out with the most amazingly wonderful baby in the whole world. Check out that face:

She's absolutely perfect. How could you not want to smother her with kisses all the time?

I got in another track run this weekend (just because it happens to have been close to where I was staying...which happens to be a small town with no where to run), and I'll be doing another one tonight (the town I work in is much like the town in where to run but the track!)

My in-laws are leaving this afternoon and the hubs and I will be sans house guest for the first time in THREE WEEKS. Although the visit was great, and their leaving is bittersweet, I'm excited for life to get back to normal. I went shopping Tuesday night for a few essentials to tide us over/so I could make lunch for work again and stop buying it. Clearly I love produce. Other that this, I got oatmeal, waffles, string cheese and Greek yogurt. I'm exciting, I know.

Tonight after my run, Johnny and I are going couch shopping!!! I'm so excited. We have the most awful couch in the whole wide world and I cannot stand it. It was free from my uncles three years ago, and although it was wonderful of them to pass it on to us, and it has served us well, I'm SO done with it. We're hoping to find a great one tonight because this weekend is tax free weekend in MA and the store is doing a promotion so you can buy the furniture before the crowded weekend, but still get no tax awesomeness! I've for my fingers crossed!

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