Friday, August 26, 2011

Kitchen and Cupcakes

This has been a much better workout week!

Today I did not go to the gym but I did have a home project that has me feeling exhausted! We've been talking about renovating our kitchen for a while now and with me not having a job just yet, I finally have some time to tackle it. The previous homeowner did a terrible job of placing tile in the kitchen, check out the before picture.Alright so the original flooring didn't have that missing tile (this photo was taken after Jay showed me how to use the sledgehammer and other tools) but the joints were really thin at some points and really think at others, some tiles were hollow and it was crooked! Today I tore out all of the tile and we'll be putting in some new flooring soon!! Check it out! My wrists, back and biceps are exhausted!! Not a trip to the gym but I sure did work up a sweat.

Jay's co-worker was kind enough to give us tickets to two Isotopes baseball games; we had such a great time. I decided to bake him and his family some festive cupcakes. While buying supplies at the grocery store and I noticed they had these "flag pans" that came with lids, they were on sale but I didn't know why and bought them to send the cupcakes in anyway. It wasn't until I was home and ready to load the cupcakes when I realized why the pans were on sale and what was meant by a "flag pan"...It didn't even cross my mind that these were leftover from 4th of July. I packed them in there anyway and went with it, I mean baseball is America's favorite past time, right? Sorry the picture is a little foggy, I had already put these in the fridge when I remembered to take a picture! Aren't they fun?

Tonight we're going to go do some work on our cars at Jay's parents' house. And by "we're going to do some work" I mean that Jay is going to do all of the hard work and I'll sit there and chat his ear off. Teamwork!

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