Friday, August 19, 2011

Weak Workout Week

This week has not been a very one for my workouts.

I spent last weekend in Arizona with Jay celebrating a year since we got engaged, we would much rather have been planning a honeymoon for this year but unfortunately that's not the case. We found an awesome deal online for a stay at a resort- it was sunny, we laid by the pool and enjoyed spending uninterrupted time together. After so many months of both of us training for separate events and my not so positive job situation, this trip was exactly what we needed!
We agreed to not stress about the indulgent food and lack of exercise for the weekend. I was looking forward to a week back on track and it started out great with a walk Monday evening with our little girl.
And then we spent Tuesday evening dealing with my migraine. Those things are so miserable!! I tried ice on my head and neck, sitting in the dark and just couldn't get it to go away; an Excedrin and a back rub later I finally drifted off to sleep but wasn't 100% Wednesday so I didn't work out. Thursday morning I felt fine enough to do a quick leg circuit and in the evening did 15 minutes of cycling followed by weight training on triceps and shoulders. I have job searching to do today and then I need to hit the gym.

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