Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Please Excuse our Appearance...

I'm sorry my posting has gotten a little off/infrequent this week. My apartment currently looks like this:

We are leaving our apartment one week from today. All of our stuff goes into a storage pod on Sunday. We have approximately 900 boxes packed and 3000000 more to go. Not really, but it feels like it. Since we've both 40-hours-plus-a-week workers, we've had to do bits of packing here and there. It's nice to not have to go balls to the wall, but it makes life very unsettled. It has decreased my ability to find shoes in the morning, and cook dinner. I cannot wait to be moved into our new place (which will not be until Sept 7th, thanks to the wonderful people who decided the apartment needs to be painted and cleaned before they let us in...which is why our stuff will be going to storage on Sunday). It also turns out that there is the possibility of a hurricane hitting Massachusetts on Sunday, which totally screws everything up. I'm not looking forward to what that will mean for us...

In healthiness related things, I got my race information packet yesterday! Not my actual race packet...that will be picked up on September 10th, but rather a PDF will all kinds of good information in it.

Truth be told, when I got this packet I totally freaked out. Like I thought I might puke in my office freaked out. Luckily, I was chatting with the BFF online and she helped talk me off the ledge. These are a few things for the packet that added to my anxiety.

1. I got the packet in the first place, therefore the race is close. REALLY CLOSE.
2. We will have no less than 5 race numbers to display in one form or another and if you mess up them up, you're screwed (not really, but they want you to think that...I think).
3. Most people will be using wet suits.
4. There are no headphones allowed on the course.

UM WHAT? No headphones? I don't run without music unless I"m running with the hubs because we talk to each other (or try to speak while trying to breath and not die all at the same time). And now I have to push myself harder than I ever have WITHOUT MUSIC?! Shit.

I was hoping more of my fears would be calmed when I went to a newbie meeting for the tri last night, and they were and they weren't. I'm less worried about transitions and the race, but now I'm terrified of flat tires and chaffing! I'm feeling totally unprepared wardrobe-wise, and paranoid that I'll get a flat and be screwed because I don't know how to change them and the race officials aren't supposed to help us. Great.

So today I'm going to go for a run without music and without the hubs. We'll see how it goes. I'm feeling like the stress of moving is not helping with the stress of the triathlon, but hopefully by next week I'll be feeling better about both things!

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