Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Some people have "worless Wednesdays" and just post pictures or something like that. But no not me. I'm going to blog your ear off today!

Well, maybe not that crazy, but I don't have any pictures right now and I am actually blogging from my iPod touch. It's just one of those kind of days I guess.

Today I will be returning to the community center gym across from work. I don't actually like the gym but I need to be able to go there. The weather has been gross in MA and there has been almost no running happening because of it. And while it will be getting better, it will eventually get too hot and I'll need a cool place to go and get in a quick run before heading home for the day. In addition to this, I need a place to swim. I have only done a hand full of swims since I signed up for my tri and even though I feel most comfortable with the swim portion, I still want to feel ready and have practiced the distance more than a few times. I'm kind of on a roll fitness-wise (i.e. Getting to spin classes and yoga) and I want to be able to keep that going. A craptastic gym is still better than no gym (when you're like me and know working out at home is not an option). I'll let you know how it goes tonight.

On an unrelated note, Johnny is going to New Mexico tomorrow to celebrate his brother's graduation and I'm already sad. We've had a busy few weeks and have not had too much time to just hang out, so to now have him gone until Tuesday stinks. I'm glad it works out for him to see his family (and yes I'm super jealous since I'm not going And he'llbe in the same city as MY bff) but it will be lonely without him. I am going to VT again, this time for a baby shower, which will also be weird because I'll be staying with/seeing his side of the family without him. I'm totally comfortable going on my own, I just never have before.

Back to work I go. I'm researching car shows today. Super fun. I'm also researching sneakers to wear that are not my running shoes. Maybe something light? Any ideas?

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