Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Fail

Yesterday, I got my butt to the community center gym and busted out a quick couple miles on the treadmill. I was happy that I got there and got my sweat on before heading home.

Today was NOT successful. I planned on taking spin class, but I stayed at work late learning about a new project, and I had a killer stomach ache, and I was stuck in traffic...AGAIN. This week has been BRUTAL traffic wise.

Don't worry, I was dead stopped when I took this picture. You can get fined for texting in driving in MA, and I'm pretty sure taking pictures is right up there with a bone-head idea...except when you're not actually moving. The traffic was bad that the barely 1 hour commute has taken me over an hour and a half the last two days. It's a huge buzz kill.

So instead of working out, I sat on the couch and watched other people working out in the form of two weeks worth of The Biggest Loser. It was slightly motivating, but I'm just not feeling it today.

I am exhausted, and I blame it on having to get up at 4:30am to take Johnny to the airport. He's having fun in New Mexico with his family, and I'm here on the couch (not watching old episodes of True Life). Since Johnny's not here I didn't even eat real dinner...Junior Mints and Pop Chips. Really? Yeah, not healthy or impressive. :(

Oh well...tomorrow is another day. AND I will be working from home so I'll be able to squeeze in some gym time in the morning or a run. Hopefully I can pull myself together by then.

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