Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why Today Sucked

Right now, I am not loving today. Yesterday evening I felt similarly. You see, traffic seems to have ruined my life. Much like last week, the Wednesday and Thursday traffic was horrible, and yesterday I missed seeing Bridesmaids with my friends, and tonight I missed spin class. I'm really really really OVER the traffic. Yes, I knew I was getting into this when I took my job, but I never knew it could take me nearly two hours to get home on a regular basis.

One of the redeeming factors about today is that our James Taylor tickets came in the mail! We're going to see JT at Tanglewood over Fourth of July weekend. This will be our fourth time seeing him there. The first time we went we were in high school. Then we went in 2009...when we got engaged. And it rained and rained all night long.

Then we went July 4th weekend last year. And it was HOT and sunny! But we had the same handy-dandy umbrella that kept us dry the year before.

Both concerts were AMAZING and I'm really excited to again. And this year, my Dad and his wife are coming too! It should be another amazing concert, and hopefully we'll get to use the umbrella for sun again instead of rain! It's much better that way!

As frustrating as the traffic is, I'm doing my best to focus on the positive. The tickets came, tomorrow is Friday, and we have a long weekend!

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