Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Straps Win!

I packed my gym bag at lunch. I was in a bit of a rush because I spent more time watching True Life: My Boyfriend Is Too Old For Me then I did planning my afternoon workout's attire. Being distracted led me to forget a key ingredient in my sports bra! And of course, I packed my racer back tank top. Thankfully, I have some great, non-judgy friends so I took a poll: what is less trashier, working out in a racer back tank without a bra or showing my bra straps? Straps won!

I can justify that oily shine on my face- I started out with 10 minutes of light cardio (walking/jogging), then I worked out my triceps and shoulders and then I tagged along on the 2nd half of Jay's brick (between the BFF, my dad and Jay I am surrounded by amazing triathletes!!) and went on my first outdoor run! Yahoo!! We did about 15 minutes of easy jogging and then did 8 hill repeats (Jay sprinted, I timed and jogged behind halfway up the long, slow hill) and then we ran back- in total 36 minutes of running. The ligaments and muscles around my ankle were tender but it felt so good to be running in the just-rained-and-it's-still-cloudy outdoors.

I know I should not be eating oatmeal but I had to try a tasty breakfast item- oatmeal pumpkin pancakes! They were amazing. The recipe (I don't remember which blog we found it on, sorry!!) was super easy- egg whites, pumpkin (it called for cottage cheese and we don't have any so we substituted), oats, vanilla and pumpkin pie spice.

The result was a batch (for two) of fluffy, moist pancakes.

Even though I was going to pack these in Tupperware for the next day, I had to use my favorite plate.

I LOVE Halloween. We were at Whole Foods in October and I saw the coolest, zig-zag, black and orange birthday candles. That awesome fiance of mine bought them, hid them for 6 months and surprised me with them on my birthday cupcake- Halloween + Birthday = Excitement Beyond Words.

I'm exhausted and as you can see in my post-gym photo, in need of a major shower. Hang in there, tomorrow is Thursday!!

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