Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Last Day of 25

Today is my last day as a 25 year old. 25 has been a good year, but I think 26 is going to be way better. I've got high hopes.

My last day as a 25 year old did not start out as I had planned though. I wanted to go for a run this morning because there was a break in all the rain we're having, and it was 50 degrees. I have everything laid out.

I assume you can tell where this story is going. I definitely did not end up running, but it's a funnier story that I just slept in...

When it's rainy in Boston, I sleep with ear plugs in. We live on a really busy street in Boston, and there is a lot of traffic noise. For the most part, it doesn't bother me, but when it's wet out, it's enough louder that I need the ear plugs. Well apparently I put them in really well last night, because I didn't hear the alarm go off! Eventually it woke up the hubs (who almost NEVER wakes up to the alarm bc I get to it first), and he had to practically shake me out of deep sleep. I was SO discombobulated by the event, and fell right back to sleep without realizing it. I managed to take one ear plug out, so I heard the alarm go off again, but this time I hit snooze right away like I do every morning, without even realizing how late it was. Needless to say, by this point it was too late to run, and I just got up for work. I hate having slept through a planned run, but at least I didn't make the decision consciously! :)

SO tomorrow is my actual birthday, and I'm really excited, but I've already had a lot of celebrations! My weekend was fun, and it was so great to see my mom. We had a nice Thai dinner Sunday night, before some gifts!

my mom, sister, and me at dinner (I definitely look more like my dad lol)
I feel SO overwhelmingly grateful to have a loving family and for the things I've been given for my birthday. Just seeing my mom was awesome, but she went above and beyond. First, she made me a cake!

oh yes, it's a birthday cake shaped like a bunny. I was born the day before Easter, so I've ALWAYS gotten a bunny cake. Even when I wasn't at home for my birthday, the hubs and/or the bff made one for me. I don't care how old I am, the bunny cake it amazing. (We made sure it was good by testing out his bow tie).

Not only that, but my mom and my sister pulled out all the stops and got me a lululemon outfit! Oh yes! I am the proud owner for some super fancy lululemon gear and I feel BADASS.

I'm super excited about my fuchsia headband and the monkey sleeves.

I feel like I'm going to be a huge speed demon now that I'm properly dressed! (When in reality I know that's not true, but running is so much about the mental, and feeling good sure helps make a run better!)

Tonight I went to dessert with a friend of mine who has to work tomorrow night and won't be able to wish me well tomorrow. She's super sweet and was kind enough to a) buy my dessert, 2) listen to me go on and on about our apartment hunt and a sticky situation we seem to be in, and d) give me the super cute necklace.

I feel so incredibly lucky, and it's not even my birthday yet! :) I told you 26 is looking good!

Now I'm going to get some sleep. It's already too late and I actually would like to wake up for a run tomorrow, so let's see how that works out! Good night!

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