Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Grams < Ounces

I'd like to dedicate this little number to the BFF:

Happy Happy Birthday From All Of Us To You

We Wish It Was Our Birthday So We Could Party Too!

I hope you had a great 26th birthday!!

I have most definitely started my new training/nutrition plan and I took the "Before" pictures but I'm going to be honest- I am really not a fan. Not being able to exercise for the past 9 weeks has really made me shy about posting what I look like in a bathing suit right now. I promise, they'll get posted, I just need a little more courage.

I am so sore from this week's workouts!! In three days I have already worked back/bicep, hamstrings/glutes (haha glutes...) and triceps/shoulders; in addition to the 1.5-2 hour weight training sessions I have also attended 2 spin classes and completed most of an interval workout. And it's only Wednesday! I'm working out with the trainer tomorrow, I'm super nervous because I'm already so sore and I know she's going to put me through a good workout.

I am still getting used to the nutrition plan. Yesterday I felt really sick and today I realized that I was totally weighing the protein wrong. For instance, I had to eat 25 g of protein at one point and I weighed 25 g of turkey (which is about 3/4 of a slice) well 25 g of turkey doesn't necessarily have 25g of protein. In fact, I should have eaten 4 oz of this particular turkey to reach that amount, that is a lot more than 25 grams!! Duh! I'm learning!!

I am having some serious trouble getting up off the couch tonight but I think this new challenge is going to be pretty neat-o!

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