Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birthday Week

First and foremost, I must say:


You're wonderful and I miss you, and I hope you're having a fantastic birthday out there in New Mexy-co! Just pretend I'm out there and we're having drinks and making fools of ourselves like we did when you turned 21.

Today happens to also be my sister's birthday! In April I have A LOT of friends with birthdays and many of them fall on the same days, but this one is most definitely the most important two people!

It's been a fun birthday weekend so far. Since my mom was in town, we did some celebrating for my sister and for me. Yesterday morning we went on a hike in the Blue Hills. It was still snowy, but I handled it okay in my sneakers. I'd post pictures, but my hiking outfit was extremely unflattering and the wind made my hair look awful.

After the hike, my sister and I went to get massages! My dad had given us both spa gift certificates for Christmas, so we figured this weekend was the perfect time to use them. I had an AMAZING 50 minute massage. I did not want it to be over. I asked the massage therapist to focus on my upper back and my calves, both of which get really tight. She did such a wonderful job. I wish I could get massages every week.

THEN! (oh, yes, it gets better) we went to my uncles' house for our family party. We have a super cute little cousin who was there too. She helped with the cake.

My uncle made awesome lasagna. I'm not really a big lasagna fan, because I don't really care for red sauce, and usually lasagna has a lot. But this was only moderately sauced, so it was awesome (although there were carrots in it. gross. but they were big enough to pick out).

This morning, the hubs and I ran the Common Man's Marathon. It's 2.62 miles, instead of the insanely long 26.2 miles of a real marathon. It was KILLER. We have to run up the same awful hill THREE TIMES. Oh yeah, you read that right, THREE. It sucked. But we managed to run it in great time. And we were more happy for it to be over than any other race. Hill+windy windy windy day=suckage.

I think we made good time because this was my first race with A GARMIN! Woo! That's right! I got one for my birthday from my dad and Gramma. I'm so excited! I asked for one for Christmas and didn't get it, so I was super excited to open it up last night. Now I feel like a real baller runner (or I can fake it even better lol).

Now we're off to another birthday dinner! Thai this time! I love my birthday and birthday week in general and I'm so happy my mom is here to celebrate too! Dinner pictures tomorrow :)

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