Thursday, April 28, 2011

Get It!

So here's the scoop- we have 3 people in our dept. and typically the work load is shared pretty evenly. Well one of the 3 left last week and I was asked to pick up the additional work. I'm happy to be challenged and super busy but as you can imagine, doubling my workload has me exhausted! I'm even working through my lunch break so there isn't even time for a quick blog. Sorry. It affected my workouts last week- I was so busy last week I skipped a few meals (not good when I'm trying to build muscle) and I wasn't sleeping very well (low energy is no fun at the gym). Fortunately, I'm more comfortable, getting more sleep and packing a lunch I'm able to eat in between tasks or meetings- overall, I'm feeling much better.

Last week there was a guy at the gym and every time he would do a rep he'd yell or groan. It was hysterical and I wish I had my phone so I could record him. No joke, I was at the opposite side of the noisy gym and could still here him yell "GETTTTT IIIIIT!!!!" as he looked at himself in the mirror. Awkward right? The awkward factor tripled once he started making bedroom groaning noises. I felt so uncomfortable and had to try so hard not to laugh. I am definitely a fan of self motivation during a work out, sometimes I do tell myself out loud "come on!" but this was a little too much. Thoughts?

Geez, I do have a bit to update you on today! I don't think I even posted about my awesome birthday. Not only did I get to hear from great friends and family but I had a surprise visitor at the airport - my sister! We went to a family dinner at Jay's aunt & uncle's home - we had a great time and even did an April Fool's white elephant (I came home with a Mounds bar and nail clippers). Saturday morning Jay woke me up and told me to get ready because I had a mani/pedi appointment and my sister and 2 friends would me joining me. We showed up at the cute spa and had a whole room (including champagne, sparkling cider, wine and Whole Food treats that Jay had set up the day before) to ourselves. It was so relaxing and ah-mazing.

Last week I had to go to the dentist. They had to numb my lowers and I am kind of a hot mess when I'm numb and think my lips are swollen...
It was totally worth it because they let me pick out my treat.
I love mini toothpastes!! If I ever win (or actually play) the lottery, I'd buy a bunch of tiny toothpastes so I could enjoy a different type several days a month. Love it. You know who loves Spongebob??

We had an eventful Easter! My family came up to visit and Jay got baptized. I had never been to an adult baptism so I didn't really know what to expect. It was a beautiful ceremony and it was nice to be with family.

In wedding news, I'm struggling. We had a photographer picked out and it turns out she's unresponsive. Even though we love her work, we know we need to follow our gut instincts and find another. Drats. Any recommendations out there??

It was another inappropriate shirt under my work shirt day. Holla!

Time to get some sleep (side note: growing up, anytime my sister or I were falling asleep during a family roadtrip our older brother would punch us in the arm and chant "sleep is for the weak...sleep is for the weak..."). Hope you're having some great workouts!!

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