Thursday, March 17, 2011


I had a great post to share with you today. I took pictures after my run and I was NOT in the gym bathroom. But as I went to snap a picture of the delicious root beer float I had tonight, I realize I left my camera in the car. And my car is not right outside the door because I live in the city and park miles away. BUMMER.

I will instead share with you the reason WHY I decided an outdoor run was a must:


A high of 58?!?! Yes, please! And in all actuality, the high today was actually 61! And not windy (which would make running outside tomorrow far less fun). AND it's still light out when I leave work. It was miraculous. I can't wait to share tomorrow.
Also, here is the article from the Boston Globe I mentioned a few weeks ago. I have a quick mention, but it's always cool to be in the paper! :)

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