Saturday, March 19, 2011

Funny Tee and Salmon

It felt so good to sleep in today! We had a late night out on St. Patty's day, something we don't typically do on a week night but we had so much fun, it was worth it.

Earlier this week I was able to see the orthopedic doc about my ankle. I guess the news was good-ish. Apparently the bone scan didn't show the actual fracture; according to the doc this is really weird because 99:100 the scan picks it up. Isn't that weird?? He did another physical exam on the ankle and is still certain it is stress fractured (he pushed down on the bone in one little spot and I just about screamed!). I have to keep wearing the boot for another 2-4 weeks but....he has said it is okay for me to start running again- but only small amounts and if it really hurts I have to stop. This is where I struggle. I've always been a run through the pain kind of runner. Which is very common in runners and makes for great training but when it is an injury and not just discomfort, I have to learn to stop. Maybe by blogging about it I'll hold myself more accountable. After spending yesterday evening walking around the house without the boot my ankle is so sore this morning. I do think that I'll head out for a very tiny but very exciting run tomorrow. I'm also allowed to swim and spin, I honestly cannot wait to rebuild my body and mind so that I can train for another marathon (and run it).
Confession: Sometimes I like to wear funny but not very professional shirts under my work clothes...
Now that's a nice casual, but professional enough to wear in the industry I work in outfit, right?? Awesome background huh?

Now check that shirt out! I love this tee, it's so soft and it cracks me up. My day starts with a smile when I know I get to wear it. When I do wear shirts like this (or my t-rex shirt or my Sam Adams shirt...) I always hope that I won't spill something on my top layer(s) causing me to have to wear the tee alone. I think that if that does happen I'll HAVE to go home and change. I don't want to share my funny secret outside of this blog just yet.

During Lent this year Jay and I are trying to make something new and non-meaty on Fridays. So far we've been successful at recreating pbfingers' crab chowder (so delicious) and my mom's enchiladas (messy to make but yummy). This week we made smoke salmon sandwiches. We used some flax seed english muffins we found at Whole Foods and topped them with the salmon, goat cheese, artichokes, red bell peppers, capers and some black olives. Delish and so easy to prep! I don't know what we'll be making this week but we will have company in town so we shall see!

We have a great, relaxing spring day planned! We're going fishing!! I absolutely love to fish, I don't know what I'm going to do the day I catch something but in the mean time I love it.

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