Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Hips Don't Lie

My hips definitely don't lie, and neither do my shoulders, and they're both SCREAMING this morning. I had an amazingly killer awesome workout yesterday morning (50 minute strength training, followed by 60 minutes of spin) and I feel it today. I haven't had that intense of a Saturday morning in a while, so I knew it would hurt, but it hurts so good.

When I got home from the gym I knew I need some protein, so I had a quick cup of Greek yogurt, while I made an omelet. It was mostly veggies with a little bit of egg beaters thrown in. Delicious.

Last week I bought more oatmeal. I was eating Quaker Quick Oats and have no problems with it, but I was at Ocean State Job Lot (a discount store) looking for tupperwear the other day and came across a two pound bag of Bob's Red Mill rolled oats. Check the price of that baby. I love a bargain.

But the problem with a bag is that there is a high chance that it will rip and there will be oats everywhere (I know myself well), so I did a little transfer.

Not all two pounds fit in the ball jar, but at least I'll only have to touch the bag once and a while and it will stay much more intact. I have a feel these will put Quaker to shame.

Yesterday we went to the store and bought TONS of produce. I wanted to take a picture of the insane amount we bought, but Johnny had put it all away before I got back from parking the car. One of the things we bought was watermelon. I was a little worried that it wouldn't be good yet, because it's early in the season, but it was juicy and oh so good.

Today the hubs and I are going to work on our taxes. Should be fun...I guess...We're really hoping that filing jointly is as easy as filing on our own.

One really exciting thing about this week is that I got my new passport!

It's all new and fancy looking. At first I was really sad because only the new passport came. I wanted my old passport back too. Although I can't use it, it's full of stamps and memories. I thought I'd lost those for good, but yesterday morning a second package came from the Department of State. I got my old passport back AND they sent back the copy of our marriage certificate that I had to send! How thoughtful :)

Ok. Lunch and tax time. Hopefully I make it out alive.

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