Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Cooking Sunday

It's Super Bowl Sunday! I kind of don't care because the Pats aren't playing (I'm a born and bread New Englander...I love the Pats, Sox, Celtics, and one else can come close), but my dad is from Pittsburgh, so I'll root for the Steelers.

Sunday football wouldn't be Sunday football without good eats to go with it. My apartment smells absolutely amazing this morning because the hubbo made chili (he started it last night to get some good flavor mixing going on) and I made corn bread.

I'm pretty sure Johnny's chili is the best chili around. He could probably win contests. Luck for me, he's willing to make it less spicy than he'd like it so I don't die. (He loves the spice, but me, not so much). My corn bread is pretty awesome too, but I just follow the instructions on the side of the corn meal. No secret family recipe here! I put it in a basket so it looks super cute when we go to our friend's house to watch the game.

The only problem with making so much food is the amount of dishes we both generated. After the game, I'll be tackling these (pun most definitely intended).

(Yes, our kitchen has brown tiles from 1970. You just wish yours looked as awesome.)

On a sort of unrelated note, I went to brunch this morning with a friend I studied abroad with in high school. We didn't go to the same HS in the US, but we were in the same school in Italy and we lived there together for 6 months. It's been 9 years since I lived in Italy and this is the first time I've seen her since then. Not only did I have an AMAZING egg white omelet with brie and apples (I wish I'd taken a picture of it's deliciousness, but it was a plate of white awesome), but the company was perfect. It's so nice to know that time doesn't really change good people and good friends all that much. We chatted for three hours. Johnny started to get worried...but not too worried because he was enjoying playing video games. :)

Off to a Super Bowl Party! Go Pats Steelers!

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