Monday, February 14, 2011

I LoVermont

I had such a wonderful weekend in Vermont, it was SO hard to come home last night, and to get back to the grind this morning (only nine more days of this job!) This is a somewhat long post since I didn't blog all weekend. It never crossed my mind that I'd need my laptop for anything, so it didn't get packed. OH WELL. Next weekend we're going to VT again (this time to see my mom in a different part of the state), so I'll try my best to remember.

The weekend started off well. It was a really sunny Friday and I took my lunch break to hit the gym. It felt like I was out on a run in the spring. The sun made the gym bright and warm! If only it had been that warm and I was running outside...but I'll take the substitute in the dead of winter.
the bright sunny gym. i have no idea what the sculpture is supposed to be, but I think it looks like a tooth.

The hubs and I set off for the cold northern state of Vermont around 5:15. Well that turned out to be a REALLY bad idea. We sat in traffic for HOURS. The first leg of the trip that should have taken us an hour took over two. Our eta of 9pm was a major fail and we didn't get to Burlington until 10:15. I was so very done with being in the car at that point. Luckily the cousins were still up, and we all chatted and enjoyed some of my awesome cake before bed.

Saturday morning we were greeted by homemade doughnuts. The cousins just got a doughnut maker and they busted it out for us. I was a little iffy about them at first, as I'm not a big doughnut fan, but these were so light and cakey...way better than the deep fried ones you buy at Dunkin Donuts.

so adorably delicious
 Saturday afternoon was the baby shower I went up for. The cousins we stayed with are having a baby too, but that little one isn't due until July. The shower was for another one of Johnny's cousins who is preggers (the hubs has 24 first cousins just on his mom's side...sometimes it's hard to keep track). This cousin is due in April and is having a little girl! The shower was appropriately pink and the food was good. I won a prize because I took the most necklaces from people who said the word "baby". I said it about a million times too, but apparently no one noticed it because I kept all my necklaces. I'll just say that this little girl will be super well dressed because pretty much everyone gave her clothes!
the cousin with her ribbon hat/belly decoration.
The highlight of the weekend was definitely going to Costco. I know it sounds stupid, but the hubs and I don't have a Costco membership, so we never go, and we get excited about being able to bulk buy. We'd get a lot more at Costco if we had anywhere to put it in our apartment, but unfortunately our little place can only hold the essentials.

Yes, I do consider Diet Coke, coffee and Yorks to be essentials. I need caffeine and chocolate on a daily basis, don't judge. And yes, I take Flintstones vitamins. My sister is a pharmacist and said it's perfectly okay for adults to take them, so I do, and avoid the agony of trying to swallow the gigantic horse pills that are normal multivitamins. Again, don't judge.

We watched the Celtics game yesterday afternoon, and then drove home, luckily with no traffic. I am the sole driver in our house, so I'm usually wiped out when we get back, but I was alright last night and even unpacked! I hate unpacking. I usually leave it for days and days until I get sick of tripping over my suitcase. Totally win for me!

Tonight the hubs and I are going out for dinner. We're not huge into Valentine's Day, but seeing as it's our first one as a married couple, we figured we do something fun. I also bought him a new food processor. That spells romantic like nothing else ;)

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