Monday, February 14, 2011

More Love

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day date with my husband. He's a super amazing guy...the kind who will bring me flowers randomly, and do the dishes before I get home so that I don't have to. He makes me laugh, he hugs me when I'm sad, and he's always willing to get up and get me a drink when I'm being lazy. That's love right there.

In true Valentine's Day fashion, I got flowers today.

Johnny is sneaky and I'm still not sure when or where he got these! We left the house together this morning, but these were waiting for me when I got home! I love lilies so much, and these were a wonderful surprise! Especially because I had to leave these gorgeous blooms at home and spend the first part of my evening at the laundromat!

We don't have a washer and dryer, and although we do our best to make frequent enough trip to my gma's for free laundry it doesn't always happen. The nice thing about this place is that I can do more than one load at a time. It still bites though.

Luckily my evening got much better when I met this handsome stud for a drink and dinner.

Our Valentine's Day tradition (at least in Boston) has been to go to a fancy bar for one drink, and then go to dinner at one of our favorite/cheapo places. We get to be a little fancy for the holiday without going overboard. This year we had our drinks at a new-ish place, Island Creek Oyster Bar. We'd been there once before to celebrate the engagement of my uncles, and we really liked it. Tonight was no different. They have good drinks, good music, and a beautiful space.

Some day we'll splurge and actually eat there, but tonight was not the night. We walked across the street to our favorite sushi place instead. It was hopping for a Monday night, and they even asked us if we'd made reservations! This is not usually a reservations kind of place, so we were totally surprised, but luckily they sat us really quickly. I love sushi, but when I say that, I mean I love all the stuff that cooked and I never eat raw fish. Johnny on the other hand?

He can't get enough! (And yes, he said it was ok to post this picture). I had beef noodle soup and a sweet potato tempura roll. So delicious.

As a nice touch to the evening, the resturant was giving all the girls roses. It was a sweet idea, so i added it to the bunch when I got home. More flowers is always a good thing in my mind! It was a lovely night, and I'm ready to hit the sack. I'm beat from a mid-day spin class (the instructor is awesome. She yells and looks like she's having the work out of her life throughout the whole class...can you say motivation?), and I have to be up early to take a drug test for my new job (luckily I'm not worried I won't pass it lol). But to cap off Valentine's Day, I will leave you with a quote. This is on the back of the card the hubs got me today:

Married life is okay
as long as you love, honor, 
and take turns
doing the dishes.

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