Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Late Lunch

First, I have to tell you about a delicious idea for a group dinner. We went to Jay's g-ma/aunt's home for a "potato bar" dinner. They baked potatoes for everyone and had set out a bunch of yummy toppings- sauteed mushrooms, onions, broccoli, nacho cheese, chili, onions, olives, and more than I can list! I fixed my tato up with a couple dollops of sour cream, onions, broccoli and a scoop of chili. It was such a fun idea! I don't think any two potatoes were alike and everyone enjoyed it.
Tuesday evenings Jay and I attend a religious education class at our Church, so our Tuesday dinners have to be really easy to prepare but we still want it to be healthy. The crock pot has been doing most of the work Tuesday nights but last night we decided to try a recipe from the latest Men's Health Magazine : Roasted Green Beans, Shrimp and Curried Cauliflower. It was SO easy to put together and super tasty! We hadn't tried curry powder before, but will now as it's a great way to flavor veggies without adding a ton of unnecessary sodium and calories. I think my picture looks a little greener than the actual product. I'm such a photo novice, could you tell??

Wednesdays tend to be my most hectic day of the week. I have a meeting at 1 pm which means I have to have lunch really early or really late- most of the time it's late. Thankfully I had a cup of Yoplait Light Thick & Creamy Blueberry Pie yogurt to help me last until my 2 pm lunch break! Sometimes I put this yogurt in the freezer for an hour before digging in, it tastes like a fro-yo treat right in the middle of my work day! At lunch today I will continue trying to figure out how to revise my usual TRX exercises without putting too much strain on my right ankle (a balance nightmare so far...).

With the optional door anchor I can set up the TReX anywhere. I love being able to pack it up in it's tiny bag and store it away or have it in my luggage when we travel. I don't know which lunchtime favorite will follow my workout: warm tomato soup....
or a cold, veggie filled salad topped with olive hummus??

I have a bit of a lingering cold, so maybe the soup will win. BTW- in case you noticed the background in my soup picture, we don't typically have THAT much booze in our home, we had an engagement party in October and had leftover bottles of wine and received some great bottles as gifts.

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