Monday, February 21, 2011


Today I ran. It was a much better run than I have been having lately. I felt like my legs could have gone on and on for miles. But did I? No. Why? Because I had AWFUL indigestion. I took three walk breaks in my 3.5 mile run because I thought I might barf stomach acid onto the treadmill. I have NO idea what caused the indigestion. I eat the same thing most days, and the only difference was that I put raisins on my salad today. But could raisins I ate 5 hours before my run have been the issue?

I wanted to push hard today because we're going out to dinner. We have a coupon (I love using coupons) and the place we're going has tater tots. Who can say no to tater tots? I'm definitely happy with my run today, NOT having indigestion would have just made it better, and I'm going to enjoy a couple tots! :)

Duh, Maddie moment of today: I got my passport renewal paper work all squared away. I went to CVS and got new pictures and everything. I went to the post office to mail it off, only to realize it's a holiday and the post office is most definitely NOT open. I was all excited to have it done too! Oh well. It will have to wait until tomorrow.

And just for's my old passport picture (taken in 2006) and the one I had taken this morning. This might have to go on the before and during page!

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