Thursday, January 20, 2011


I wasn't able to run the 6.5+ miles I had planned on last night. I was able to run a fairly fast 2 miles and then my neck started to ache, I decided to call it a day and not mess up my chances of going on a long run Saturday. The loop I ran starts with a .98 mile long incline, so I was glad to have at least achieved that portion. I walked the remaining 1.5+ back to my vehicle and that was it. I'm going to have another deep tissue massage on my neck this evening, hopefully this helps! I was very rigid during Tuesday's spin class, maybe this irritated my neck?

Is it weird that I give a little wave to fellow runners during my run? Growing up, I'd see my dad wave at people we passed along our run and they'd give a little wave or smile back to us. I always admired the way it created a sense of community. I really noticed it yesterday evening when I'd acknowledge runners on my path and the majority either looked at my with annoyance, like I was crazy or right past me. Where is that sense of community? Is this just a Texas thing?? Or am I just a pest expecting too much? I'd love to hear some POVs on this dealy-o.

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