Monday, January 24, 2011


This was a great weekend. It started out with running errands with this cute little co-pilot:

Afterward, she and I enjoyed some popcorn and tv time. Jay and I then went out to REI to scope out a new bike for him and one of those awesome water fanny packs for me. I was successful and even stocked up on some new running gels, they're so icky but they do make a difference in my run.

Saturday we set out and completed 20 miles!!!!! Jay has been an awesome pit crew and a great source of motivation. Our path this weekend was different and very challenging. I'll have to post our Garmin stats later. My neck did hurt but I was able to keep going and it definitely helped having Jay there to remind me to stretch and relax that muscle group. The tension in my neck is definitely affecting my stride and causing a lot of soreness in my shoulders, I hope it gets better soon. We're officially pumped for this marathon!! We rounded out our Saturday with an early dinner at our favorite sushi spot and then drinks with some great people. Sunday we attended our very first bridal expo. It was so exciting to be referred to as a bride and to have Jay referred to as my husband to be!! I don't think I stopped smiling all day.

There will not be any running this evening but I think I might start back up with my strength training lunch time sessions.

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