Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pizza Success

So using dough that's been in the freezer for a good 7 months did not make for the BEST pizza ever, but it worked, and it wasn't bad. It didn't have the light and crispy taste that would come from fresh dough, but we also should have cooked it at a slightly lower temperature for longer and we may have had a crispier result.

We ended up putting the pizza right on the top rack of the oven to finish up the cooking, which I'm a fan of. Almost all frozen pizza comes with directions to cook it right on the racks, so why not do it with homemade? I can't complain about the result. If nothing else, the broccoli and spinach were exactly as they should be on a a pizza, cooked enough, but not soggy or burnt. It went well with a glass of red wine.
On the racks
Now I'm off to foam roll while the hubs grades some papers from his students' first assignment (he's already found a copied-straight-from-wikipedia paper! yikes!) Yet another perfectly lazy Saturday night in our house!

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