Friday, January 28, 2011


Years ago, for some unknown reason, one of my very adorable cousins wasn't able to say "popcorn" and instead called the tasty treat "crackcorn". We still have no idea why and how it sounded the same to her, but I really think she was onto something! Now I must admit, I am a popcorn addict. I enjoyed it growing up but it wasn't until the BFF's husband introduced me to the amazingness that is a freshly stove popped bowl of crackcorn that I fell in love with the snack. I eventually ditched the microwavable stuff, learned to make it on my own and enjoy it frequently.

I recently found a fun popcorn recipe in Shape Magazine and it addresses my craving for sweet, salty, crunchy and chewy with the flavorful ingredients below.

The recipe is cranberry-parmesan popcorn and can also be found online here: Thank goodness my sister introduced me to the greatness that is fresh parmesan cheese, otherwise I'd be missing out! I changed up the recipe a bit by carefully using basil infused olive oil (according to my cooking savvy bro, it burns a lot quicker than other types of cooking oils) and omitted the sunflower oil and Italian seasoning. I also added the cheese while the popcorn was still hot in the pot, which added a great bit of crispiness to the mix!
This crackcorn did not last long!! I did have help from a fellow popcorn fanatic...

Tonight we're going to try out an Italian restaurant across town that has been receiving great reviews. Hopefully carb-ing up at this new spot will help tomorrow's run! My neck has been so achy today, I hope I can get my act together for one last long run before the race.

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