Thursday, January 13, 2011

Even though it was fareeezing yesterday, we did not have a snow day :( or snow for that matter. What we did have was a fire drill during the men's basketball game. I was so glad that I decided to forgo my shower after my 6.5 mile run in order to get to the game on time; otherwise, I would have stood out there for 15 minutes in my light jacket (it's too crowded to bring a real winter jacket) with wet hair- can you imagine?? I'm from the land of sunshine, I don't handle the cold so well!! Others around us were pretty upset at the situation, apparently this happened at the last evening game and they had to wait outside for 30 minutes. Whoops.
I definitely just bumped into the corner of my own car door and now have a lovely cut and bruise below my knee. I took a picture to post here but I'm pretty sure you don't want to see it! You're welcome :)
It was so cold during our run yesterday. We've noticed that there is one stretch that is much colder than anywhere else on our square path. We don't know if it's the lack of traffic or if it's because it intersects an arroyo. We do know that it makes us run faster because we want to get out of the cold patch, it's so cold it almost feels wet. I know I've brought this misery on by choosing to run a marathon in February and not the summer so I shouldn't whine (or whimper...).

Side note, Dove has this new moisturizing shampoo and conditioner- I'm so in love with it. I kind of took a chance on it when I bought the giant bottles at Costco but I'm so glad I did, my hair is noticeably softer than when I was using the more expensive stuff. Winner!

I love coffee. But for some weird reason I haven't made my usual cup of joe all week! I seem to only crave water and orange juice in the morning. Very odd because I hardly drink orange juice, I'm more of a cranberry juice kinda girl. I know I've been fighting off a very tiny cold the past few weeks, maybe this is my body telling me it needs more vitamin c to fight it?

O.J. (the juice not the football player)

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