Monday, January 17, 2011

Paying for the Perks

I started this morning in a not-so-good mood because I don't have the day off. My company does not recognize MLK as a holiday, so I had to drag my behind in this morning, even though I stayed up too late hanging out with my amazing friends who did not have to go to work today. Lucky dogs. My day has gotten surprisingly better in just a matter of hours though.

First, my time off request was approved! I asked for a few days off at the end of the month so I can visit one of my very best friends (and one of my bridesmaids) in NYC! I'm really excited because I haven't been to New York in a loooongggg time, and I've never been there with someone who actually lives there. I've been a tourist, and done the tourist things, but I've never just gone and been in the city. Or enjoyed it. I'm really looking forward to a few days away and some adventurers.

Second, I found out that paying big bucks for a gym in Boston can actually come in handy. My gym has branches in multiple cities, so I called their customer service line to see how much it would cost me to use the gym in NYC (I'll have a bit of time to kill after I get to the city and before my friend is done with work, so I thought I'd make some good use of that time). Turns out, I can use the gym FOR FREE. Woot. I may not have to resort to the gym, if the weather is nice enough for my to wander the city, but just in case, I'll be a ready for a free sweat sesh.

Now I just need to get through the rest of today...

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