Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Chia Colada

I hope everyone got through April Fool’s with as few pranks pulled on them as possible! Thankfully, I didn’t get pranked once…whew! As a kid, I had this plastic ice cube with a fly in it, every year I’d sneak it in someone’s glass at the dinner table and they’d always act surprised. I thought it was such a good prank!

Monday’s workout was a long swim – I am not certain about my distance but I do know that I swam for almost 30 minutes. Yesterday’s workout was a 9 mile bike ride followed immediately by a 1 mile run. I’m looking forward to a rest day today and getting back to the workouts tomorrow. I am really enjoying this tri training!!

With the warmer weather and my crazy hunger in the mornings, all I’ve been wanting are smoothies for breakfast. Here’s this morning’s Chia Colada recipe:

·         1 Tbsp Chia Seeds

·         1 Tbsp Dried, Shredded Coconut

·         1 Cup Frozen Fruit

·         1 Cup Coconut Milk

 Blend, sip and pretend you are on a tropical island.

For tonight’s dinner, I threw some ingredients in a crockpot and am hoping it turns out well enough to share here.

Every so often I decide I want to use self-tanner lotion. I apply it as best I can and the next day I have those horrible streaks and I promise that I’ll never use it again. I put the bottle in a different cabinet and weeks later when I find it, I decide to give it another (unsuccessful) try. Currently, I’m rocking some amazing tan streaks on my feet and arm. Will I ever learn? Probably not.

What beauty trend do you keep trying despite awful results? Any recommendations for my inability to self-tan?

Happy Wednesday!!

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