Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week Three Recap

Week Three....oh week three. We did not get along very well. It was not my best week by any means, and I could most definitely physically feel the results of that.

The week started well in San Fran with lots of walking, but not super healthy food. The travel home through my through a loop and I never quite got back on track. I only logged three workouts, and I didn't didn't write down what I ate on Friday until today. Overall, I would not call it a success.

It was "Maddie Cooks" week...and I did cook, but only twice.

On Tuesday night, I made beef and broccoli with brown rice.


wokin' it
It turned out pretty well. I added amino sauce and garlic salt. It was a nice warm comfort meal, which was nice considering it snow AGAIN on was only supposed to be a few inches, but I left work early it had snowed so much...

had to clean off and shovel out before I could get on my way home
Wednesday I was supposed to see a friend after work, but there was freezing rain, so we cancelled our plans. I eat the left over beef and broccoli and did a circuit workout in my bedroom. It wasn't the best workout ever, but it did the trick, especially since I really had not done anything for a few days.

Thursday was horrible. Thanks to the freezing rain from Wednesday night, Thursday morning on my way to work my car slid on some black ice, and I ended up in a snow bank. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and I was already going pretty slowly, so the damage to my car is minimal. But I had to spend Thursday night after work at Toyota to make sure I had messed anything up royally instead of in spin class.

I did cook when I got home though. The hubs got back from San Fran, so I made us Laughing Cow Mac and Cheese.


It was pretty good, but it was lacking wasn't quite the dinner I was hoping for. And Friday we had take-out. I'm going to take this week as a good indication that I really shouldn't be a chef or even cook that much. Johnny can make much better, healthier meals, and he actually enjoys it.

Yesterday was the start of Week 4. A clean slate...or anything day to mess up. It's supposed to be "No Meat Week" but I had pork chops last night and didn't even think about it...I wasn't really paying enough attention to what this week or this whole challenge is supposed to be about. I'm 1/3 of the way in, and it's still a struggle for me. For the most part, I can't get in 5 work outs, and even though I'm writing down what I eat, I'm not really eating the right stuff.

I need to have a real come to Jesus talk with myself and get my shit together. I came up with this challenge for a reason, and I should be taking it seriously.

Regardless of my meat eating yesterday, I did have a great ski day. The mountain wasn't my favorite, but the conditions were great and so was the company.

Ragged Mountain - New Hampshire

sunny and beautiful
Time to go out for a walk and clear my head...then to the grocery store to prep for a better, more serious, and more successful week this week.

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