Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So Fresca & So Clean Clean

Though Agua Fresca directly translates to “fresh water” it’s much more than just water! It is a delicious Mexican treat traditionally made with fresh fruit, water, ice and sugar. Options include: watermelon (my favorite!), jicama (a sweet root vegetable that’s also great on salads), pineapple, cantaloupe and of course, lemon. I have had a hankering for this sweet summertime drink but wanted to ease up on the calories from all of the added sugar.

Agua Fresca de Sandia

2 Cups of Watermelon  
1 Cup of Water
4-5 Sprigs of Fresh Mint
1 Tbsp Honey – Optional, Use if you prefer a sweeter drink or if your fruit is a little under ripe

In a blender, combine fruit, water, mint and honey (if using).
Mix It Up!
I used the “liquefy” button on my machine to help reduce too much pulp. If you’re not into pulp at all, cover a bowl with cheesecloth and pour the liquid over it, discard the pulp and save your bowl of juice. Pour over a glass of ice and enjoy! This is so refreshing and a great way to sneak in a few servings of fruit!  
Anybody Thirsty??
Feeling a little sassy? Add a splash of vodka to this beverage!

Random piece of knowledge? If you haven’t already guessed “sandia” translates to “watermelon”. The mountain range in east Albuquerque are called the Sandia Mountains because on clear days, as the sun sets the mountains look pink – like a watermelon! 

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