Monday, November 28, 2011

The 10% Rule Rules!!!!!

Back in February when I first found out about my ankle injury I wasn't sure I'd ever be feel the same about running and feel like me again. I know that sounds a bit drastic, but running has been such a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. It's been my celebration when things are great and my fix for when things aren't so great. In February, my doctor told me that once my ankle was healed I'd have to start from scratch (I was marathon ready!) increasing each week's long run by no more than 10% and that felt a bit discouraging. I've been down this road before (see: previous ankle injury and minor knee surgery) so I wasn't sure I'd have what it takes to make a come back. I enjoyed the experience of training and competing in a fitness competition but just knew that one day I'd have to return to the sport that I've loved for so long. I'll be honest, I started out with 1/4 mile and increase by 10% up to a mile and then I skipped all the way to 3 miles - bad, I know but I was just anxious. I realized my error and decided a few months ago to start with my comfortable base of 3 miles and increase only by 10% from there. It has been a slow rebuild but I've been sticking to it. Uncertain of just how well this plan was working I signed up for a 5k with no intention but to have fun. I felt great the entire race- legs were strong, ankle was keeping up and my form felt better than ever. I ran a 27+ 5k and though I know it's not where I used to be, it is the healthiest 27 minute 5k I've run in a very long time. Better yet-

I finally feel like me again.

Now I know this 10% rule really is great and even though I'm eager to run those long distances again, I'll get there. I can almost taste that sub 2 hour half-marathon!!!!!

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