Monday, October 3, 2011

A Lengthy Update

I was out of town last week and then had family visiting for the weekend so my post is a bit lengthy!

Jay had a work conference in Colorado and I was fortunate enough to be allowed to tag along. While he was in meetings I was able to explore the gigantic resort property, run laps around the beautiful property, work out in their fully equipped gym (seriously, it might have even been nicer than my regular gym!) and relax.

I loved the fresh Colorado air and really enjoyed sitting by the fire at night. During the afternoons when Jay didn't have meetings we checked out the local sites that included a scenic drive up to Pike's Peak. Fall is my favorite season and seeing the yellow, orange and red leaves on our drive made me so happy!! About an hour later, we made it to the top. Can you believe there was snow and ice up there?!
Yes, Jay did not pack a jacket and I did offer to share my hoodie and zebra scarf but for whatever reason he chose to freeze instead.

We also took an afternoon to visit the 7 Falls, aside from having to climb the 200+ stairs to get to the top (hello fear of heights) it was great! The drive to the waterfalls included landmark points that made sure to check out, can you see the profile of George Washington in this photo?
Our favorite meal was at an English style pub called The Golden Bee. Everyone at the conference had recommended it and it did live up to the high expectations- the beer was cold and the lamb burgers were delicious! It is apparently their tradition to throw a sticky, embroidered bee on the guests when the sit down; I wonder if I can sew or iron on my bee to a sweater? There was a little fashion mishap (I actually underpacked!) that sent us to a nearby Ross in search of an outfit to wear to a cocktail hour. I thought looking like a bat would be a good look so I went with this outfit...Totally kidding, I did find a cute pencil skirt though.

While we were in Colorado a certain somebody turned 3 years old! She spent the day hanging out with me, eating hotel puppy cookies and you know relaxing in bed. This was her first stay in a hotel and she did so well!! This dog seriously keeps amazing me.

This past weekend my parents and sister came up to attend the annual Balloon Fiesta (and to watch the Lobos get their butts kicked)! It's the one day of the year that waking up at 4:30 a.m. is okay with everyone.

Yay a Halloween balloon!

Jay received an invite via work to attend a dinner balloon glow on Sunday evening; despite being tired we were excited to go again!! This particular event is where a lot of the balloons are set up on the large field and they pilots light them up so they glow and you can walk around on the field and see the balloons up close.

Honestly, I got dressed this evening to go to the gym and didn't go! I know I need to but I just had zero motivation. To prevent me from making up an excuse tomorrow, I've made plans with a friend to go to a yoga class. I'll update again soon!

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  1. I want to go to the balloon fiesta :( lol looks like another awesome year of freezing cold fun!