Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekend Catch Up

First off: CONGRATULATIONS BFF!!!!!!! You are one crazy (in the most inspirational way) triathlete!!!!!!

Though I very much wish I could have been there to watch Maddie race, I've had a pretty great weekend visiting family. I was planning on running yesterday but slept in an opted to take Chaca to the groomer instead. Later that day, I was tasked with making fresh guacamole for a family cookout. With a few avocados peeled and put in a bowl, I added some of our chopped homegrown tomatoes. And viola! We have delicious guacamole, let's hear it for our healthy fats! The onions and seasonings that I'd typically use were left out in order to meet everyone's needs. I love guacamole and hate that I'm allergic to avocados (as is the BFF!) but sometimes I just deal with the allergic reaction and indulge in a few bites. Today I'm going to write down my actual half-marathon training plan, I'm better at sticking to workout plans when I write it on paper.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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