Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Getting Back in the Game

First off, thank you. I really cannot say it enough to those awesome few who reached out to me after my last post. I was definitely feeling down, and reading your words of encouragement meant everything to me. I couldn't be doing this without you, and I really really really appreciate the support.

Second, I went for a run this morning!

I was a hot, sweaty mess, and honestly, I was a sucky run, but I did it! I got out there and I ran. And, the best part is, my husband came too! He knows I've been struggling and he's been SO amazingly awesome. And neither one of us likes to be the one that has to stop or slow down, so it's great motivation to just keep running.

I got to run this morning because I worked from home today. I wasn't actually at home until a little while ago, but I was in Boston and therefore didn't have to drive to work! (My mentor at work also happens to live in the city, and he works from home every Wednesday. We're in the middle of a training session, so my boss said I could stay in the city and work with my mentor instead of having to skip a day!) I only wish I still had the time to get up and run every morning, but OH WELL. I'll take those days I can get.

After my not-so-awesome-but-at-least-I-went run, I made an amazing breakfast of English muffins and sunflower seed butter. I had this stuff for the first time in NY this past weekend and I have completely fallen in love.

At first I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but after a few bites of toast I was in love. It was the first thing on my grocery list yesterday and I've already had it for breakfast and with an apple this afternoon. It's dangerously good.

Although I'm really happy with myself for working out this morning, and for the food choices I've made in the past few days, I know myself well enough to know I'm not completely out of the woods. I'm hoping the runner's high from today with carry  me through a pretty brutal brick workout tomorrow, work travel on Friday, and a beer festival this weekend. I'm going to have to be extra attentive to myself, and find lots of motivation. Luckily, today, in seriously good timing, I got an email from the library saying a book I reserved had arrived!

(I'm hugely in favor of buying books, especially when it's newer authors who will enjoy the benefits of people's purchases, but there isn't room in my budget for all the books I read, so I'm a frequent user of the Boston Public Library!)

I'm hoping to get some great ideas from the book that will push me even further out of this mess I seem to have gotten myself into!

Thanks again for the tips! I'm hoping post from here on out will be much more positive!

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