Thursday, April 21, 2011

What happens when...

You leave your camera in your gym bag, and you don't actually use said gym bag (or go to the gym) all week? You have no pictures for the blog or good stories about working out. (And you get a wordy post with no pictures. Sorry!)

So I kind of failed on that aspect of life this week. I'm not sure why, but laziness has gotten the best of me. Although I was very active last week, this week just didn't happen. I blame it on the fact that the spin class I was prepared to take after work on Monday was cancelled because of the marathon. It completely threw me off and I was most definitely NOT in the mood to run, so I did nothing instead. Great strategy.

Even though I made my April schedule of working out, I've had a hard time getting my head in the game. I'm honestly not sure WHY I'm having such issues lately. I'm over using the new job excuse. It's been two months. It's about time I figured my shit out, eh? I'm basically maintaining my current weight, which is not terrible in the grand scheme, but it's not what I'd like to be doing. I'm still in the losing phases, but I'm not actually losing. So where's the disconnect? I'm not sure. I have some soul searching to do this weekend I guess. I know that I'm a much happier person when I can be proud of how hard I worked at the end of the day, and I like having that feeling almost every day (I am a fan of rest days too though).

I have some big workout plans for the next few days...including a brick on Saturday and yoga on Sunday...I'm determined to not just stay on the track, but keep moving down the line. I know that positivity is KEY in all this, so I'm doing my best to keep my head up and just move on. Getting fit and bettering my relationship with food is a DAILY struggle for me, and I'm just working through it. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

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